Home Services
Operating System Setup Don't want Vista? Want your computer secured with no junk programs on it out of the box? Call us. $99 for full setup/secure/cleaning. OS change if necessary.
Computer Setup We do it all.  From purchase to maintenance, we can help you make good decisions and optimize your dollars. Advice is always free!  Call for quotes on new systems and upgrades.  
Virus Detection/Removal If you're tired of dealing with malicious software bugs, we can track them down and exterminate them. On site detection/removal: $150
Wireless Network Setup Need help setting up a secure network?  Want to go wireless? No problem.

Wireless network setup:

1 computer  $70

2 computers $100

Data Backup/Encryption When your data is worth dollars, it's a good idea to keep it where it will be safe. $70/10GB
Software/Hardware Troubleshooting From compatibility issues to system crashes, we know how to get you up and running again.

Diagnostic Visit: $45

Hourly Rate: $80

Service Warranty We'll warranty our computer setups against any failures for one year. Let us do it right for you, the first time. Setup with Warranty: $250
Computer Education We take classes for everything else--why not for the technical stuff?  We can sit down with you and help you learn the basics. One-on-one instruction: $70/hr
System Optimization If your computer is running slowly, we know how to speed it up.   We can take your machine and tune it up to it's optimal state.

Full system optimization: $120                                 Hardware cleanup/testing: $60