How Long?

You won't have to wait. We make every effort to answer and return calls immediately. If we don't answer, it's because everyone is busy with someone else. In a hurry? We promise to call you back, a.s.a.p.

No really, how long is the wait? (This is urgent!)

Usually, we answer right away, no matter what time it is. If we can't get to the phone, expect a call within the hour. If we haven't called you back within the hour, try calling us again--what if we forgot? No, seriously--it won't hurt. As for emails, expect a reply within 24 hours, even if it's a detailed question requiring an in-depth response. Make sure you get the email address right--people always add that extra 'r.' Just to avoid any confusion, here it is: support@computerxdfw.com

And if you still don't get a response, here's the owner's email just in case. Consider it a bonus for checking out this link: daniel@computerxdfw.com

And just to make sure there's no confusion about the number: (817) 266-7883 (so you can remember it--817-COM-PUTE)

Not getting anyone? Call (682) 227-2243 (so you can remember it--682-22PC-AID)

Still not getting anyone??? Okay--not sure what's going on, but here's another number for you!

Allright. This is a last resort. No one is answering any of those phones, and you're desperate. I get it! You've emailed everyone, called all the numbers, and still--no answer! Call (214) 938-3630.

If you've tried everything, and still can't get anyone--we're all busy, and I'll make sure to hire another person so that this doesn't happen again. After all--it's just silly for you to have to wait so long!